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Just Another Update (2 Years Later...Again)

Yes I am back with another update. I didn't quite manage the things I said I would do but unfortunately time was never quite on my side but I will get round to it soon.

The good news is I do have some DVD updates, although I am sure that you should all be aware of this now. Finally the complete DVD box sets for Cheers and Frasier have been released. If you want to check them out then they run as follows:

Cheers Complete Box Set - Region 1

Cheers Complete Box Set - Region 2

Frasier Complete Box Set - Region 1

Frasier Complete Box Set - Region 2

If you don't already own these sets then what are you waiting for? Go and buy them! I've swapped my individual sets for these and you won't be disappointed if you do the same.

Posted By: Jamie, February 16th 2014

Just Another Update (2 Years Later)
If anyone is still reading this thank you for sticking around. I really need to re-face lift the site again and make it abit more modern and user friendly. I also want to update the links and what not, give it a little general tidy up..

Think the biggest news I can find is that Cheers is currently starting to be shown again in the UK from the very begining - It started on May 10th but if you tune in this Sunday they are showing from Episode 5 onwards. To view the announcement click here

I promise I will keep this a little more up to date going forward so watch this space

Posted By: Jamie, May 18th 2012

Long Over-Due Update
Once again, lack of updates have been an issue but I think I can make up for it by providing you details on some low prices on the Cheers DVDs in the UK. If you check out www.play.com by clicking here to order Cheers and here to order Frasier you can get them for a cool 15.99 for the first 5 seasons and for atleast 26.99 for Season 6. Now to me, thats a bargain. Another update to come soon.
Posted By: Jamie, July 14th 2007

Season 3 DVD Releases In UK
Sorry for the lack of updates but i've been having account problems and all sorts. Anyway, the third seasons of Cheers and Frasier are now availible now on DVD. You can pick up a copy from your local Woolworths or HMV or order online at www.play.com by clicking here to order Cheers and here to order Frasier. The extra's on the disc are amazing. Expect an announcement soon on the release dates of the forth seasons here in the UK. Another update to come soon.
Posted By: Jamie, September 8th 2004

Season 3 DVD Artwork
Yes the artwork for the Cheers 3rd Season DVD has been revealed. You can check the artwork out at www.tvshowsondvd.com. They also reveal that both Cheers and Frasier's 3rd Seasons are to be released on DVD in May of this year, though an exact date is not given. Check out the artwork for the Frasier DVD by clicking here. Extras on the Frasier Season 3 DVD are:

"The Crane Brothers Remember Season Three"
"A Conversation with Art Director Roy Christopher"
"Celebrity Voices"
"Bulldog Crazy"
"The Mystery of Maris: The Breakup Begins"

Extra's on Cheers Season 3 DVD are:

"Virtual Vera"
"Shrink-Warped: Introducing Frasier Crane"
"Carla's Whipping Boy"
"Nicholas Colasanto: His Final Season"
Cheers Bar Tour

These DVD releases sound very promising. Don't forget to buy your copy of each in May. We will post definate dates of the releases when they are made availible. Another update to come soon.
Posted By: Jamie, March 17th 2004

Cheers And Frasier DVD's See Season 2 Release In UK
Yes it has been officially confirmed that both Season Two of Cheers and Frasier are to be released on DVD on May 10th of this year in the UK. After the success of the first seasons you can now enjoy the Second. Both will be availible for 25.99 and you can pre-order them from www.play.com, www.amazon.co.uk, or www.hmv.co.uk. I am also this week going to compile a large amount of captured pictures from the Season One DVD of Cheers, and include a review. However, due to a busy schedule of work, exams, coursework, and preparing for university, don't expect it to be too soon. Another update to come soon.
Posted By: Jamie, March 8th 2004

A Great Deal For UK Cheers Fans
Well it's about time the UK was remembered within this Cheers and Frasier DVD release frenzy. I was in HMV today and found BOTH the first seasons of Frasier and Cheers on DVD at a bargain 17.99 each. So obviously I snapped them up with my christmas money and they are fantastic. Not only that but they are PAL format so you don't have to import them from the USA or use www.play.com and pay up to 50. I don't know what other stores carry the DVD but I suggest you get down to your local HMV and pick up a copy of each for yourself. You can also order it online at HMV from 25.99 each. The Cheers link is accessible by clicking Here and Frasier is accessible by clicking Here. I am eventually going to write a review of the DVD's and post them on the DVD Reviews page, which will be new. Another update to come soon.
Posted By: Jamie, December 29th 2003

For Serious Cheers Fans
I just recieved an e-mail telling me about a site that has just opened, for the singer who sings the Cheers theme 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name'. His name is Gary Portnoy. by visiting www.garyportnoy.com, you can ask about any aspect of Cheers (e.g. Who was that man who knocked on the door at the end of the final Cheers episode?), Read the fascinating, in-depth story of what really went on behind the scenes with the writing and recording of "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" (and hear Gary's very first "demo" of the Cheers theme!), and Hear samples from Gary's new CD, "Keeper", which includes his original full-length version of "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"- for the first time ever on CD! (You can even have Gary autograph it- what a great stocking stuffer for the Cheers fan in your life!). So if you want to find out more, get on over to the site.
Posted By: Jamie, November 29th 2003

Cheers DVD Update
Yes it's finally been announced. The Cheers season 2 DVD! The classic series that focuses on the colorful staff and off-beat patrons of a friendly Boston bar where "Everybody Knows Your Name". The DVD, scheduled for release on January 6th 2004 in the US, Has the following Special Features:

Strictly Top Shelf: The Guys Behind The Bar
Cliff's Notes: The Wisdom of Cliff Clavin
Carla The Comback Queen: Insults for Every Occasion
Di Another Day: Diane Chambers From A - Z
Gag Reel: Bloopers From Season 2.

So there you are. Pick up your copy after the New Year sets in!
Posted By: Jamie, October 11th 2003

Site Recomendation
Just an update to let you know I havn't abandoned you. Just can't rwally do anything cause I recently got Windows XP and my scanner isn't compatible with it so as a result I can't scan anything from my visit to Cheers. But while i'm here I would like to reccomend you all visit the Sitcoms Online Message Board For Cheers. It's a great place and has lots of Cheers fans. Look out for me. My name is UK_Cheers_Fan. Hope to see you there soon!
Posted By: Jamie, July 1st 2003

New Layout
I've now made all the pages look the same. Would have been done sooner but the episodes guide page was giving me a hell of a lot of problems. Anyway, feel free to check out the new setup and please start to use the message board!
Posted By: Jamie, June 10th 2003

New Layout
Welcome to the new look for Welcome To Cheers. Expect some new pages to come very soon, and for me to apply this layout to all the other pages. I also want you to e-mail me with your suggestions as to what you want to see on the site. I have already made plans for a profiles page for each character but I need more idea's and as this is your site, I want YOUR ideas. So e-mail me with those as soon as you can. I'll keep you posted with further updates.
Posted By: Jamie, June 6th 2003

Site News And DVD
Well it's been a while but i'm back with an update. I hope to start work on a new layout for the site very soon....Though judging on the work rate I have, it may take a while! But I will try get it finished soon! Well I see we have had almost 10000 hits which is a milestone. I also want to inform everyone who dosn't know that Cheers Series One is availible in the US on DVD. You can also get it in the UK but you have to buy it from Play.com for I think it was 26 or 27 which is great! And the results of the poll are in after a year! And it seems your fave character with 44% of the vote is Diane and your least favorite is Carla with only 4% of the vote! Well i'll spend some time sorting the site out now.
Posted By: Jamie, June 3rd 2003

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