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Cheers Drinking Game

The Cheers Drinking Game!

From Jamie Welton (jamiewelton@email.com)

One drink for every time:

  • Any of Carla's children appear
  • Rebecca cries
  • Woody talks about his childhood in Hanover
  • Cliff mentions some useless trivia
  • Vera is mentioned
  • Gary's Olde Towne Tavern appears or is mentioned
  • Everybody yells "Norm!"
  • Someone is watching sports

Two drinks for every time:

  • Al Rosen appears
  • Sam pretends to in love with Diane/Rebecca when his acctually not
  • Lilith mentions her lab rats
  • Carla is pregnent
  • "The Hungry Heffer" is mentioned
  • Frasier and Lilith have a professional disagreemeant
  • Nick Tortelli apprears or is mentioned
  • Someone is watching anything but sports

Three drink for every time:

  • Sam strikes out with a women other then Rebecca or Diane
  • Harry the hat appears
  • Walt Twitchel (the Cheers mailman) appears
  • Sam outsmarts somebody
  • Someone eats at "Melville's"
  • A celebrity guest appears as him/her self
  • Sam mentions his baseball career/ drinking problem/ ex-wife
  • Vera is partly seen or heard

Jamie Welton's Cheers Drinking Game. All Rights Reserved. This is not to be reproduced in any way without the authours concent. Copyright 2001.

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