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This is my sounds page. Please again, if downloaded and put on your page, please mention where they were from.

Coaches Albania Song
Diane tells Frasier not to blame himself
Carla explains why men can't touch her
Carla tells Frasier he's brilliant
Diane answers the phone
The Cheers Theme In Full! MP3 Format!
The Cheers theme
The Cheers theme in Midi format
The theme from the 200th aniversary show
Woody explains the next move in a game of chess
Frasier tells Woody he must be an idiot
Cliif says he's ashamed to be a man
Coach is hit by a pitch
Coach needs a coat
Coach bangs his head on the bar
Coach on the phone
After the fire at Cheers
Carla saying "Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience"
Loretta talks about Nick Tortelli
Another Normism
People shouting "Norm"
Yet another Normism
Another Normism
Another Normism
Another Normism
Another Normism
Norms thoughts on women
Sam and Diane are proclamed as the perfect couple
Sam and Dianes first kiss
Coach talks to Diane about Sam's teacher
Diane reads Sam's poetry
Frasier asks Cliff what colour the sky in his world is
Norm has trouble with the Thanks Giving Turkey
The last Normism on this page
Sam can't say he loves Diane
Woody's song for Kelly at her birthday

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